Julia Segal is a counsellor for people with physical illnesses and disabilities in London, UK

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Julia Segal MA FBACP

  • is a Fellow of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • works as a counsellor for people affected by neurological and other physical health conditions in North West London.
  • has counselled more than 400 people with Multiple Sclerosis and more than 200 members of their families over the past 20 years,
  • has counselled many people with other neurological conditions, and those connected to them
  • counsels individuals
  • counsels couples in a relationship, including parent-child,  health professional-client and carer-cared for, as well as marital or partnership relationships.
  • trains professionals who work with people with neurological or other disabling conditions
  • writes about illness, disability and counselling
  • writes about the ideas of Melanie Klein and Hanna Segal, and their application to everyday life.

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